Sunday, October 10, 2010

Movie Review #5 - El Gran Vázquez (Spain)

El Gran Vázquez
Country of Origin: Spain
Directed by: Óscar Aibar

Starring: Santiago Segura

El Gran Vazquez (The Great Vazquez) tells the true story of the Vazquez, the best comic book artist in Barcelona during the 1960s, womanizer, troublemaker, and a self-centered scam-artist through and through. 

This movie was hilarious – even more so because it’s a true story. 

Vazquez, played by Spanish actor Santiago Segura, takes us through the streets of Barcelona as he cons one unsuspecting person after the other. 

The viewer can’t help but laugh at the clever tricks Vazquez employs to parlay his artistic talent and endless charm into the temporary solace of money, women, and a short escape from his growing army of enemies.

Billboard outside San Sebastian Film Festival
All is going well until Vazquez reaches a point when his girlfriend, wives, kids, and co-workers are pushed too far. 

Vazquez’s tale takes us to the limits of how far one clever man can play the system before it comes back to bite him – hard. 

It’s well written, funny, and Santiago Segura’s acting does justice to the real Great Vazquez. 

Highly recommended to anyone wanting to exercise their Spanish and laugh at the same time.  

Trailer - Here  

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