Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Friends in San Sebastian

I’m lucky to have good friends with me from the start. 

Nick Ivarsson will be at my side, a friend of mine from Coronado in San Diego.  Nick is going to be taking language courses here and surfing and I am excited to spend a year together. 

Nick introduced me to his friend, Kevin Zimmerman, who was his classmate at UCI.  Kevin is also taking language courses and, despite having almost identical wardrobes, I think we will have a great time this year. 

Through Kevin I have been introduced to some other foreigners in town, Femke and Stephi, both from Holland.  Femke works at a hostel and Stephi works at the language school and they are both really cool girls.  We’ve spent the first week together hanging at the beach, swimming across the bay to the island in the center, and going out at night. 

So I have some good friends from the start.  I also know a lot of other people around Spain who are teaching English, most of whom I knew last year.  From Bilbao to Leon to Sevilla, I have a strong network of good friends. 

Most notable addition to the mix goes to my brother, Alex, who will be living in Pontevedra, Galicia, teaching English.  We will certainly do a lot of surf trips and travel together as much as possible. 

The year is off to a good start.  Now all I gotta do is make friends with some local people! 

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